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Life Groups

We currently have Life Groups that meet on multiple nights of the week and are spread all over our city out so that there is bound to be one that works best for you. If you want any more information or have questions, feel free to contact each Life Group leader by email or you can always contact the church office at (509) 955-6600 or


Leader: Steve Stein

Mondays 6–8 PM

Location: Stein’s Home
Contact: 509-929-3019

Leader: Jim Graeber

Mondays 6–8 PM

Location: Graber’s Home

Contact: 509-929-1973

Leader: Bob Kuich

Thursdays 6:30–8 PM

Location: Wicher’s Home
Contact: 509-607-4776

Leader: Mark Teske

Thursdays 6–8 PM

Location: Teske’s Home
Contact: 509-607-9369

Leader: Tip Hudson

Tuesdays 6–8 PM

Location: Hudson’s Home
Contact: 509-607-0196

Leader: Stephen Branine

Fridays 6–8 PM

Location: Branine’s Home
Contact: 509-899-6614

Leader: Obie O'Brien

Tuesdays 5:30-7:30pm

Location: Moore’s Home
Contact: 509-607-4870

Leaders: Daniel & Rachael Crosby

Fridays 5:30-7:30pm

Location: Crosby’s Home
Contact: 509-656-4219


Why do we emphasize Life Groups?

As God has redeemed us sinners to live together in community as the body of Christ, we see the need for us to regularly gather to glorify God by growing in Christ and in true community through studying and applying Scripture together, through genuine fellowship in prayer and relationships, the sharing of meals together, mutual accountability, and engaging in mission together.

Christ commands his disciples to make disciples (Matthew 28:18-20) and to grow in every way together into Christ who is our head (Ephesians 4:11-16); this is also seen as the pattern in the early church (Acts 2:42-47).

C. J. Mahaney writes about the priority of small groups in his book, Why Small Groups: Together Toward Maturity, “I see small groups as a priority for every Christian and every church. Why? Because the Scriptures constantly underscores the centrality of relationships. J. I. Packer agrees: ‘We should not think of our fellowship with other Christians as a spiritual luxury, an optional addition to the exercises of private devotions. Fellowship is one of the great words of the New Testament: it denotes something that is vital to a Christian’s spiritual health, and central to the Church’s true life…The church will flourish and Christians will be strong only where there is fellowship.” Genuine fellowship isn’t practical in a crowd of 200 or 2,000. That’s why I feel so strongly that churches must create small groups where Christians can develop intimate relationships, where they can “know and be known.” A church following a biblical model will not just ‘have’ small groups. It will not merely ‘offer’ small groups. Rather, it will be built with small groups.”


Our men’s programs challenge men to be passionate about God and honor Him in everything they do. Our Men’s Group has a weekly Bible study that meets on Saturday mornings in the Annex Fellowship Hall at 8:00 a.m. During the academic year, we also host a midweek Men’s Group that meets on Wednesday mornings in the Annex Fellowship Hall from 6:15-7:30 a.m. We also have additional quarterly events where we connect while fishing, shooting, going to a ball game, or hiking. Our goal is to equip men for a life of service to their God and continually learn more about Him.


Our women’s ministry is a vibrant community of women that gather together to serve God, each other and members of the church and community in a variety of ways. We have ladies Bible studies, discipleship, and a variety of other events. Join us as we worship our creator and fellowship together!


The Liberty Youth Ministry meets every Sunday morning for Sunday school and every other Wednesday evening at 6:30pm. They also gather regularly for activities, service opportunities, and discipleship groups (coming soon). It is an important goal of our CYM leadership that the youth of Liberty be seen as a vital part of our church family with opportunities to serve on Sundays.  

Summer provides the opportunity for our teens to head up for a week of camp at Mazama Bible Camp in the beautiful setting of the North Cascades or to participate in a missions trip (past trips have included Panama and Belize).


We desire to be a Gospel-centered family here at Liberty who values everyone from the oldest of us to the littlest of us. Jesus loved the little children becoming one of them, spending time with them, and seeing their faith as young children in the Gospel.

It is our prayer that God would work in our children through his Word and our prayers to open their eyes to the transforming beauty of the Gospel. In light of that we take great care in our selection of curriculum, we train our teachers how to read and teach the Scriptures seeing Jesus as the point of it all, we pray for our children and with our children, and we require background checks of all adults who work with children.

For our children here at Liberty we offer the following:

  • age appropriate Sunday school (9am Sundays)
  • Children’s Church (dismissed during our worship service)
  • Youth Group (middle school & high school – every other Wednesday at 6:30pm)
  • Awana (Tuesday 6:15pm).

Sunday School

As a family that gathers regularly to worship our Savior, Jesus Christ, we value growing in Christ through the regular study of his Word. We do this in Bible studies throughout the week and in the hour prior to our Sunday gathered worship.

We have classes provided for children of all ages from nursery to high school. Our children’s classes go through a series of items each week including the following: learning a new hymn each month, learning to pray (TACS – thanksgiving, adoration, confession, and supplication), memorizing Scripture, learning the catechism (we use the 1689 London Baptist Catechism adapted by John Piper – you can find it all here), reading and narrating back a passage of Scripture, and reading a Christian biography. This format will have the kids all going through the same things together so that siblings can be learning together even in separate classes. Our high school students go through a curriculum that more closely mirrors our adult classes as we seek to prepare our students for navigating life as a Christian centered on the Gospel and equipped for whatever God has for them wherever he leads them.  

There are also a couple of class options for adults as well depending upon the current semester. Our Spring 2022 class options were Apologetics: Defending the Faith and Challenging False Beliefs and Parenting: Getting to the Heart of Parenting (this is a series from Paul Tripp). Other classes we have gone through in previous years have been Marks of a Healthy Church by Mark Dever and Jonathan Leeman, Doctrines I, Biblical Stewardship, Church History I, Biblical Ethics and Worldview Issues, and Biblical Hermeneutics. Our adult classes vary their teaching style and teachers, and our hope is to fully equip the saints for the work of ministry in areas of the Bible, theology, and the practical daily life of the Christian.

While our Sunday school classes are on pause right now for the summer, we look forward to getting to know you and studying God’s Word together with you in this hour before our gathered worship.